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 Selecting A Solar Power System

How to Select the Correct Solar Power System for Your Application

On each Solar Power System product page you will find two important items; a "Zone" Diagram, and a Load-amp Hrs/day table. These two items will guide you in selecting the correct model for your application.

Follow these steps on the product page:

Solar Zone Map 1. Identify the zone your system will be installed from the map on the right.

2. Use the formula below to determine the amp hours per day your equipment requires. This is done by multiplying the operating current by the number of hours per day your equipment will be required to operate.

3. Based on the zone the solar power system will be installed and the amp hour per day requirement, use the chart below to identify a corresponding "Output Capacity" letter.

4. Use the model number charts below to locate the correct "Output Capacity"
letter and select your model number.

(Equipment Current Draw +10%) X (Equipment Run Time in Hours = Load-amp Hrs/day
0.14 + 0.014 = 0.154 (Amps) X 24 (Hrs) = 3.7 Load-amp Hrs/day

Based on this example you would pick:
Letter "B4" for Zone 5, "C4" for Zones 3 or 4, "D4" for Zone 2, and "F4" for Zone 1.

Load-amp Hrs/day 2 3 4 5 7 10 12 15 17 20 25 30 35
Zone 1 C2 E3 F4 G5 H7 I10 J12 K15 L17 - - - -
Zone 2 B2 C3 D4 E5 F7 G10 H12 I15 I17 J20 K25 L30 -
Zone 3 B2 B3 C4 D5 E7 F10 G12 H15 H17 I20 J25 K30 L35
Zone 4 A2 B3 C4 C5 D7 F10 F12 G15 H17 H20 I25 J30 K35
Zone 5 A2 B3 B4 C5 D7 D10 F12 F15 G17 G20 H25 I30 J35

If you have questions on selecting the correct solar power system, need help, or you require a capacity different than what's listed here call us toll free at (855)574-6243


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